A Women Wears Diamonds To Show What She’s Worth And Color To Show Who She Is.


For more than a century, Chana Regev’s family has been a leader in the world’s colored gemstone industry.

As the 4th generation in her family’s business, Chana became the first and only female in her family to launch her own collections of designer jewelry. In her own words, Chana explains “When I look at a gemstone, I see more than one of nature’s most beautiful artifacts. I can see the house that should be built around it.”

Growing up steeped in the knowledge of beautiful gemstones, Chana spent years collaborating with the world’s most prestigious jewelers and fashion houses. She created the Carelle brand, based on her lifelong infatuation with brilliant colored stones and her desire to reveal their beauty in new ways. She named the company “car elle” – French for Because of Her – as a celebration of today’s independent and exuberant woman. 

The Carelle signature leaf motif is incorporated into every design.  Each piece is handcrafted and manufactured in New York City, where it is also laser-inscribed with the weight of the stone and the company logo. Carelle jewelry is worn throughout the world by women with a passion for life.

In Carelle's New York design studio, skilled artisans meticulously handcraft the collections. Every piece begins and ends with the stone that inspires the creation. Crystallized over millions of years deep within bedrock, precious gems have a light and life of their own, and Carelle prides itself in showcasing their personalities and attributes.

Just as the value of a diamond is determined by its 4C's, so Carelle is distinguished by its 4Q's: Quality of design, Quality of material, Quality of workmanship, and Quality of finish - the four Qualities inherent in every Carelle piece.  A signature leaf motif is incorporated into every design. Each piece is laser-inscribed with the weight of the stone and our company logo.

Carelle diamonds and gemstones, and the supply chain through which they are procured, are held to the jewelry industry's most rigorous standards. We do business only with vendors and suppliers who uphold our same exacting standards.