Combining Fresh Pina Colada & Fun 3D Experience

Wine & Spirits

Meliá Bali has just launched its newest 3D Bar—an addition of excitement which is dedicated for guests who enjoy cocktails more than anything else. Located among its dining outlets on the beautiful Nusa Dua beachside area, this first 3 D bar animation in Indonesia presents the famous legendary cocktail, Piña Colada.

Displayed in little tropical island-styled hut, the 3D Bar tries to bring the customers into a new, unique experience of enjoying sweet cocktail while the sun slowly sets.

As everybody might have known for quite long already, Piña Colada is a tropical cocktail blend made of rich coconut cream, white rum and tangy pineapple. It is usually garnished with bright colored little umbrella and either red cherry or pineapple wedges. 

The 3D presentation tells the guests about how a glass of Piña Colada is being made. It tells the journey from the beginning until the sweet cocktail is served on the bar table. Guests can watch the Piña Colada “movie” which is automatically looped every time someone orders one.

On the bar table, while the Puerto Rico’s signature cocktail is being made by the barman, guests can see a full landscape which features erupting volcano, coconut plantation, waterfall, flowing river under a bridge and beach in the end.

Among the landscape, there are 3 men preparing a glass of Piña Colada. They work hand in hand collecting the giant coconut, cutting pineapple with jigsaw, pouring white rum and garnish it with pineapple wedges and a tiny colorful umbrella taken from the “beach”.

Well, don’t call it summer without a Piña Colada in your hand served in special 3D experience!