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Dima International Wines, as one of the largest wine producers in Indonesia, has recently launched brand new sparkling wines named Bellissimo Sparkling.

Bellisimo Sparkling is a sweet wine with two variants Sparkling Moscato and Sparkling Dolce Rosso, that have an intensely flavour from the fermentation of frozen Ultra-Premium Australian grapes with a range of fruity aromas including sweet black cherry and white floral. 

Tourism is growing faster than the global economy. Based on the latest data released by Trading Economics Statistics Indonesia, tourist arrivals in Indonesia increased by 12.3% for the first eight months of the year compared to the same period a year ago to 10.58 million denominated by Bali as the main destination with 572,000 visitors and followed by Jakarta with 308,000 visitors.

Growth in tourist arrivals in Indonesia has given a positive contribution for the food and beverage industry where the number of both sales and consumption has increased; especially for the wine industry.

The name Bellissimo itself comes from an Italian term for “Beautiful”. The beauty of Italy has been an inspirational muse for Mitch Hayhow as a winemaker of Bellissimo, and moreover it has been a source of artistic inspiration for the beautiful artistry of Bellissimo. The varieties and wine styles are classic Italian icons, with their Australian vineyards producing lusciously flavorsome wine grapes and their winemakers labouring lovingly over their wines to produce these lovely wines.

Tasting Notes - Sparkling Dolce Rosso

Grape Variety: A blend of Grenache, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Appellation (Region): Premium selected vineyards within South Eastern Australia (fermented and bottled in Indonesia).

Winemaking: De-stemmed, crushed, then blast frozen. Primary fermentation on skins is then carried out in open fermenters to approximately two thirds complete. The must is then pressed and the fermentation is stopped by rapid chilling. The resulting high level of grape sugars gives the wine its sweetness, while the trapped bubbles from the fermentation are retained all the way through to bottle.

Sensory Notes:

Nose: Sweet black cherry and red berry aromas combine with hints of plum.

Palate: Generous residual grape sweetness balanced beautifully with mouth-watering natural acidity, finishing with fine tannins and sparkles on the tongue.

Food Ideas: Due to its sweetness and vibrant aromas, this Dolce Rosso is a very versatile food friendly wine. Pairs well with richly flavoured appetisers though to a wide range of strongly flavoured spicy dishes, fatty meats and rich desserts. Serve well chilled in a champagne flute.

About Dima International Wines

DIMA Group is a national distributor company which is the sole national distributor of Diageo for Guinness, Kilkenny, Smirnoff Ice, and Gilbeys. Over the time DIMA Group grew and expanded by penetrating into consumer goods as well as production facilities. Dima International Wines is a subsidiary of DIMA Group which is a wine production facility. Dima International Wines (DIW) first operated in 2012, producing wine brands such as Cape Discovery, Bellissimo, and Amore. 

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