NUO Fusion Massage


NUO Spa has created a new signature massage which integrates the latest in personalised care with the therapeutic benefits of age-old practices.

NUO Fusion Massage fuses techniques from a variety of massages, including Chinese acupressure massage, deep tissue massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage and Balinese massage, to craft the ultimate combination of healing protocols and therapeutic experiences into one treatment session. This skilfully executed massage will help channel away all stiffness, keeping limbs and joints relaxed and limber. It really is the best of both worlds – East and West – combined into one innovative treatment.

Warm, freshly grated ginger roots are also applied during the massage to improve circulation, balance the body and rejuvenate tissue. The massage also features a customised blend of aromatherapy oils, providing sixty minutes of unparalleled blissful relaxation.

Therapists apply pressure to certain acupoints along specific meridians, or channels, of the body where qi flows to release trapped qi and restore balance and harmony. The treatment also uses a Tibetan singing bowl and chimes, imparting a profound sense of inner calm, peace and relaxation.

During the massage, a soundtrack of soothing music - “Aqua mix incense” - has been exclusively composed for NUO Spa, inspired by the concept of the water section in Li Shizhen's Compendium of Medical Material, a famous Chinese wellness text.

Reserve at least one day in advance from 10:00 to 22:00

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NUO Spa, with its nine treatment rooms, derives authentic Chinese heritage wellness treatments inspired by “Huangdi Neijing”, also known as the “Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon”, an ancient Chinese medical text which has been treated as the fundamental and most comprehensive doctrinal source for traditional Chinese medicine for the past two millenia.

According to the Canon, the universe is controlled by natural energies such as “Yin” and “Yang”, the life force “Qi” and the Five Elements (or seasonal phases). A holistic balance of these forces and energies with the changing seasons, as well as the natural effects of diet, lifestyle, emotions, environment, and age are required for a healthy lifestyle.

With the changing of the seasons, the wellness and beauty treatments at NUO Spa aim to boost the “Yang” energy during spring and summer and nourish the “Ying” energy during autumn and winter to harmonise daily energy with the breath and spirit, stimulate the senses and purify the soul.

NUO Spa's proprietary essential oils and special fragrances are custom-created exclusively for NUO Hotel Beijing, inspired by renowned traditional Chinese physician Li Shizhen's greatest contributions to Chinese pharmacology, “Compendium of Medical Material” and “Syllabus of Medical Herbs”, and extracted from high-quality natural ingredients and special herbs.

During treatment, guests can listen to a compilation of soothing music exclusively composed for NUO Spa—“ Aqua mix incense”, inspired by the concept of the water section in Li Shizhen's “Compendium of Medical Material”. The soothing sanctuary of NUO Spa and its team of well-trained, meticulous therapists combine to create a serene lifestyle urban oasis in the heart of Beijing.