The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Revamped Wellness and Fitness Programmes


The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong is excited to present its revamped Yoga, Pilates and Fitness programmes at The Oriental Spa. A new ‘Wellness Series’ concept will showcase a breadth of holistic wellness events starting with the city’s first Pool FITMAT class on 18 May.

A significantly streamlined Yoga and Pilates class schedule providing additional capacity for private fitness and yoga sessions will be introduced. The finale before summer will see the debut of Olympic medalist trainers’ sessions jointly presented with Joint Dynamics tailored to meet all levels of training needs in the hotel’s redesigned fitness centre.

The first-of-its-kind Pool FITMAT Yoga and Fitness Workshop, led by Nadine Bubner, a pioneer in Stand-up Paddle Yoga & FITMAT pool classes, will be conducted in the city’s most centrally located indoor lap pool at The Oriental Spa (two 45-minutes classes of four persons at HKD 700 per person; 7:45pm and 8:45pm on 18 May). The participants will be guided to perform exercises and poses on a FITMAT floating training platform to help maximize the engagement of their core. Expect to carry out both high intensity and relaxing yoga movements to assist with balance and toning one’s body in a fun and dynamic way.

On 10 June, a Digital Wellness Workshop for Teens and Parents in celebration of the Global Wellness Day will be hosted with compliments. Andrea Lomas, Mandarin Oriental Hotels’ Head of Group Spa Operations will lead this highly effective digital detox seminar followed by a meditation session to help families to disconnect from the ever-increasing world of digital technology and reconnect with each other. Both events will have a limited capacity. Reserve a spot with the hotel’s Spa Concierge at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +852 2132 0011.

Other exciting developments for 2017 will happen at the fitness centre, which will partially be re- designed to allow for more modern and innovative functional movement and free-body weights. From June, in partnership with Joint Dynamics, The Oriental Spa will bring in Olympic medalist trainers, who are multi-disciplinary personal training and manual therapyspecialists that will complement our current Personal Training offering with ‘Intelligent Movement Personal Training’ to facilitate the movement capability within each individual. Sessions will not only allow for the prevention and treatment of movement impairments and injury, but also offer a complete musculoskeletal package for those who suffer from chronic pain and need fine-tuning and preparing for sports competitions, to individuals simply seeking a healthier body at any fitness level.

Starting from 29 May, an enhanced range of specialist Yoga and Wellness classes, from Pre-Natal Yoga and Spinal Health Yoga to Inversion Yoga & Primal Movement (suitable for all levels of fitness) will be presented. Karen Dew, a new authorised Mysore Instructor, will start offering Pre-Natal Yoga, Spinal Care Yoga and Mysore Yoga programmes; whilst Nadine Bubner will continue to offer regular classes focusing on Hatha Yoga, one of her specialties given her knowledge of anatomy & correct functional movement for athletes.

Specialist Classes:

Primal Movement (all levels): These low-gait classes take us back to the fundamental movements of animal survival.Whilst engaging the core, the whole body and mind are exercised moving participants forward in their athleticism, fitness and vitality.

Spinal Health Yoga: Lower back pain and upper back stress are some of the most common adult health complaints. The best way to avoid this and maintain spinal health is through regular spinal exercises. Yogis believe that a person’s health is determined by the flexibility of his/her spine. This class offers a series of exercises (kriya) to correctly align and move the spine, assisting in the reduction of back pain and discomfort. An all-levels class.

Pre-Natal Yoga: This class provides a nurturing environment for expectant mothers looking to relax, stay fit, prepare for labor, and connect with their changing body and baby. Following a multi-faceted approach to exercise, our specialist instructor leads students through a series of breath work, gentle stretching and balancing exercises to promote strength, flexibility, and mental and emotional centering. The class is also an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded ‘mothers-to-be’ approaching an exciting new chapter of their lives.