Introducing NOA Traditional Greek Cuisine


In its continuous quest for hospitality excellence, the Myconian Kyma, a Member of Design Hotels and of the Myconian Collection, is set to open an authentic Greek restaurant unrivalled all over the island of Mykonos: NOA Traditional Greek Cuisine.

The new restaurant will be ready to impress visitors and locals alike in May, on the premises of the Myconian Kyma in Mykonos Town, Mykonos, Greece.

With Executive Chef Panagiotis Tsoukatos at the helm, NOA will serve mouth-watering Mediterranean dishes made with carefully selected fresh produce grown in Myconian family plots. Thanks to allowing authentic flavours to shine and using creativity to update Greek classics, the restaurant is set to climb to the very top of the culinary scene of the island and the Aegean. In terms of ambience, the venue’s rough-hewn stone walls create an elegant, rustic feel softened by a modern interior with stylish design and fresh colours. NOA will serve dinner, lunch, snacks and breakfast.

Owned and managed by a local family renowned for creating exceptional hospitality experiences, the Myconian Collection has had close ties with local farmers and fishermen for more than three decades, allowing for an impressive supply of seasonal ingredients and organic produce of immaculate quality. This new gastronomic paradise aims to make a name for itself as a first-class Greek restaurant, serving stunning food that places at centre stage high quality, world-famous Mediterranean staples such as extra virgin olive oil, bright red tomatoes, wild oregano, and sensational olives. Several vegetables and herbs are grown exclusively for NOA restaurant, while even the salt is the finest fleur de sel harvested around the island of Delos.

Panagiotis Tsoukatos has been given free rein to unleash his talent and develop new, creative dishes based on traditional and contemporary Greek cooking for his demanding clientele. He speaks passionately about bringing together new techniques and ideas with the island and the country’s culinary heritage, exploring possibilities while keeping flavour as the priority.

Diners will have to wait a few more months to try for themselves all that the new Greek and Mediterranean focused NOA has in store. However, the Myconian Collection’s reputation for extraordinary food options combined with the Executive Chef’s experience and determination already set the bar very high.