Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta Presents Italian Sushi by Chef Gianfranco Pirrone.


Rosso, the hotel’s Italian restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta showcases unique Italian sushi creations by Chef Gianfranco Pirrone. Guests are welcomed to rejoice in the creative fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisines.

Chef Franco has unified the delicate forms of Japanese inspired culinary creations with vibrant regional flavors from all over Italy. As a vinegar-rich sushi rice substitute, Chef Franco combines a perfectly cooked chewy risotto blended with renowned Italian flavors for each of his fusion dishes. Creatively made by Chef Franco; Parma Roll – he replaces Nori sheets with prosciutto di Parma, the well-known Italian cured pork meat. With a blend of mozzarella cheese and Parma ham, this unique roll brings a distinctive twist to your favorite Italian ingredients. Marzuko Roll – another enticing creation from our chef, with authentic Italian flavors of basil risotto and extra-virgin olive oil, combined with chunks of fresh tuna sashimi as the centerpiece of the sushi, topped with fried capers and black caviar. Veggie Roll – a sheet of delicate cabbage serves as a substitute for the Nori wrap on this creation specially made for vegetarians. This roll boats a combination of zucchini and carrots, finely- merged with crunchy fried onions and flavorful beetroot mayonnaise. Milano Roll – the name is inspired by the city that brings the best of Italy’s fashion and design. This particular roll has Milan’s renowned saffron-flavored risotto, wrapped with smoked beef, topped with crunchy enoki mushrooms and delicate asparagus as the center piece of the sushi.

Italy and Japan have a rice-based cuisine, even if the importance of rice in Italian food has only recently been appreciated. Chef Franco passionately clarifies how, “the aesthetic part is the most important for me, especially with Japanese food where sushi is like a small sculpture or tiny artwork.”

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