Ramadhan Offers from Sari Pacific Jakarta


As Ramadhan approaches, Sari Pacific Jakarta is welcoming the holy month with special offers at Restoran Fiesta, The Japanese @ Sari Pacific Jakarta, Lobby Lounge and Sari Delicatessen.

A wide range of Ramadhan delicacies will make your celebration even more blissful than the usual.

Restoran Fiesta

Our hotel’s international buffet, Restoran Fiesta, has its chefs catered an Archipelago Ramadhan Buffet priced at IDR 299,000++ per person. Selections of our highlighted menu including Balinese Bebek Betutu, a Padangnese Gulai Kepala Ikan (a fish head curry) and Bubur Kampiun (a signature sweet porridge), as well as Asinan Betawi (Indonesian salad from Jakarta) will be available from 15 May 2018 until 14 June 2018. Taking Sumatera island as a theme will mark the beginning of our buffet offer, continued with a Java island theme on the second week, Bali, Nusa Tenggara Barat and Nusa Tenggara Timur islands theme for the third week and also a Kalimantan island as the theme for the fourth week which is the peak moment of the celebration. We also give you a special 20% discount if you make your reservation on the first and fourth week of Ramadhan month.

To share more blessings during Ramadhan, we serve you more than you could ever expected. Guests are able to break their fast in style as our chefs also created some Middle East dishes to excite your palate. Savour the juicy and thin-cut Shawarma Chicken or Beef mixed with vegetables and also the mouth-watering Lamb Ouzi, delicately flavoured and juicy served with a yogurt sauce. These appetizing Middle Eastern classics are available everyday during the month of Ramadhan.

The Japanese @ Sari Pacific Jakarta

Formerly known as Keyaki Japanese Restaurant, our award-winning The Japanese @ Sari Pacific Jakarta also serves you one of Ramadhan essentials, tajil. Be treated to our homemade Gyoza, Ebi to Corn Kakiage, Dates and a sweet red bean jam soup with rice cake, Oshiruko. Priced at only IDR 109,000++, you can enjoy these selections from 15 May 2018 until 14 June 2018 and have a wondrous breakfasting with your loved ones.

Sari Delicatessen

Let us help you to send your Ramadhan warm wishes to your loved ones or business partners regardless of where they are. Our well-presented gift hamper is available during the months of May and June. It consists of cookies and date palm and comes in two sizes – Medium Hampers priced at IDR 590,000nett for 3 jars of cookies and 1 jar of date palm, Large Hampers priced at IDR 890,000nett for 7 jars of cookies and 1 jar of date palm. 

Lobby Lounge

Treasure your Ramadhan with more selections of Tajil available in our comfortable Lobby Lounge priced at IDR 109,000++. We offer you different selections of Tajil every week so it will be very unfortunate if you miss it. The first set of Tajil will include Es Blewah and Selasih, Bubur Sumsum Daun Suji, Wingko Babat, Chocolate Banana and Dates which will be served in the first and fourth week of fasting. Es Ketimun and Selasih, Bubur Mutiara, Nagasari, Milk Cheese Cassava and Dates would come as the inclusions of the second Tajil set. The third Tajil set will also tantalize you as it includes Es Campur Cocopandan, Bubur Ketan Hitam, Talam Jagung, Pastel and Dates.