Dedication and Commitment is What Drives The Team at Majesty Yachts Everyday

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We have measured our success on the continued confidence and loyalty of our customers.

With the current ownership stretching back more than 30 years, Majesty Yachts has been able to draw on its stable history and consistency of vision to create a shipyard that delivers dedication and commitment to every yacht it builds.


At the heart of Majesty Yachts is the personal relationship they value with their clients. This approach is carried through the entire journey of creating a very personal yacht that reflects the individuality of every owner. At Majesty Yachts everything they do is about the client, they are engaged through the entire process creating a unique feeling of involvement.


This dedication and commitment is what drives the team at Majesty Yachts everyday to produce yachts that reflects true craftsmanship and attention to detail. With no limit in what they can provide in your yacht the final result is truly a piece of art.


The continuous investment in engineering and innovative technology has proven successful across the production. To bring about such a unique yacht, the engineering application is an era of long standing methodology.

Majesty Yachts

Proudly reflecting back on 30 years’ experience of fiberglass boat and yacht building, gulf craft’s majesty yachts range of luxury fly-bridge motor yachts are elegant thoroughbreds of the sea – sparing no effort in setting the definitive standard for ocean-going luxury.

Since its launch in 2003, majesty yachts have been delivered to clients around the globe seeking exclusivity and an exceptional degree of comfort at excellent value. Majesty yachts relies on a strong in-house design team, as well as on renowned Dutch, Italian, British and Australian designers to create luxurious semi-customized craft that deliver a truly royal cruising experience.

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