About Us

Viva Asia is a publication dedicated to the celebration of luxury and lifestyle, where money is no object and the sky is never the limit! Distinct from the society magazines, Viva Asia accurately targets high net worth decision makers. It is a publication with an attitude reflecting our readership of individuals who live life with a passion.

Viva Asia has a circulation that includes many of the wealthiest people in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia; and in the New Year will launch an edition just for Vietnam. Viva Asia also organises a number of private events (by invitation only) and larger public events around the region, aimed at further promoting our sponsors and advertisers to our readers by enabling our sponsors and advertisers to interact directly with our members and readers.

Viva Asia will effectively connect you to a large database of influential individuals in Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia. We work with Advertisers to create specific call to action opportunities, and aim to deliver measur-able results for our advertisers and sponsors. We provide exceptional editorial support for our advertisers and sponsors.