Judging Criteria

Content (45%)

Is the list creative and original?

Does it match varieties and regions? Old and new worlds?

Is there a big enough variety of wines by the glass to do justice to the cuisine?

Is there a good and balanced list of aperitifs, spirits, liqueurs, digestifs, beers and waters

Balance (15%)

Price: is the pricing appropriate for the restaurant?

Is the list well balanced by region and wine style?

Food Matching (15%)

How well does the wine list match the food menu?

And does it do its bit for the overall ambience of the restaurant?

List Presentation (15%)

Accurate re-presentation of bottle information, including vintages?

Concise and unpretentious language for the non-wine-expert?

Clear (and large enough) font for ease of reading?

Pricing (10%)

Value for money?

Excessive margin?