Hugo's Presents “Pontus & Gaia” Culinary Delights


One summer day, Ludwig Wilhelm von Gluckenstein, the fictional character which Hugo's is name after, created a delightful menu in his castle inspired by characters from Greek mythology – Pontus, the god of the sea, and Gaia, the mother of the Earth.

To continue his great inspiration, Executive Sous Chef Marco Mehr will introduce a “Pontus & Gaia” menu, featuring fresh catches from the sea and succulent steaks from July to September.

From Pontus' ocean, Chef Marco has chosen the best crustaceans, including king crab, langoustine, carabinero prawn and blue lobster as the co-stars of each dish; while from the land of Gaia, yellow chicken and cattle have been selected to create an exciting culinary journey for guests to explore.

To start with, diners may take pleasure in feasting on lemon ginger marinated milk-fed veal carpaccio with Alaskan king crab.  Chef Marco has taken a modern approach by pairing veal with king crab, accompanied by a selection of exotic condiments such as pineapple, daikon radish and coconut-lime dressing.  A white wine pairing is recommended by our sommelier for an elevated experience.

Highlights of the main courses include stuffed French yellow chicken with langoustine tail which is prepared with an innovative surf and turf approach.  The delicate langoustine meat is inserted in between the chicken breast to form a beautiful presentation, appealing both to the palate and to the eye.   Another chef's recommendation is grilled US beef tenderloin with bone marrow crust and Spanish carabinero prawn, inspired by a classic surf and turf combination and served with baby spinach, red onion confit, roasted Ratte potatoes and natural beef jus that marry the land to the sea.

Diners who look for a simple yet comforting dish, must try the blue lobster pasta with US beef tenderloin cubes, featuring French Brittany blue lobster which is highly sought after by gourmets around the world.  The tenderloin cubes are paired with tagliatelle, chanterelles, bisque and Parmesan, delivering a combination of robust flavours.

Hugo's is an authentic European fine-dining restaurant serving traditional Western cuisine prepared only with the finest ingredients available. Table-side cooking is the icon of the restaurant.

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