Dragon Boat Festival Dumpling Delights at Hoi King Heen


Award-winning Chef Leung Fai Hung is marking Dragon Boat festival with three rice dumpling creations, exquisitely prepared with premium ingredients. For a taste of luxurious flair, savour the extravagant homemade Rice Dumpling with Abalone. Comprising a lavish combination of top-quality ingredients including whole abalone, pork belly, mushrooms, dried scallops, dried shrimp and salted egg yolk, this premium rice dumpling is one of the most craved treats this festival.

Rice Dumpling with Pork and Premium Soy Sauce is another popular choice. This traditional dumpling wrapped with soy sauce glutinous rice, pork belly, Chinese ham and salted egg yolk delivers a rich savoury aroma. Alternatively, the classic Red Bean Paste Rice Dumpling is tailored for the sweet tooth. 

•    Rice Dumpling with Abalone HK$198 per piece
•    Rice Dumpling with Pork and Premium Soy Sauce HK$148 per piece
•    Red Bean Paste Rice Dumpling HK$98 per piece

Selling period: From now until June 9th, 2016.