7 Nights at Sailendra - JW Marriott Jakarta


Known as the best buffet in town and strategically located in the heart of Jakarta business and commercial area, Sailendra Restaurant offers you seven different gastronomic journeys every night in a week to delight your taste buds.  Our culinary team will magically change the famous Sailendra’s live station every night to deliver the best culinary experience to the guests.

Start your dinner experience on Monday with the staple foods of Chinese cooking including the rice, noodles, vegetables, and sauces and seasonings. Indulge our Chinese dishes specialties such as peking duck with special sauce and wonton noodle as the highlights of the night.

As one the most vibrant and colourful cuisines in the world, Indonesia food will be showcased on Tuesday night. Savor wide varieties of Indonesia most favorite sambal, rendang, nasi goreng, sop buntut and more to satisfy your local food craving.

Wednesday night is the night that cannot be missed for the seafood lovers. Using only the freshest seafood products, Sailendra Restaurant delights you in a vast selection such as lobsters, oysters, prawns as well as salmon, and let our chefs cook it to your liking.

As for the Thursday night, our Executive Chef Francisco will bring in the authentic taste and true aroma of Latin cuisine to diners at Sailendra Restaurant. Together with his culinary team, he will prepare a tantalizing buffet spread such as gnocchi, pepato cheese and varieties of pizza.

If you are craving for juicy and succulent BBQ meats, come and dine with us on the Friday night. Offering a wide selection of of freshly-grilled meats such as ribs, briskets and steaks, this would be the place to satisfy your carnivore cravings.

Experience the aroma and taste of authentic  Italian cuisine every Saturday night and indulge yourself with variant of antipasti, homemade pastas along with ‘make your own pizza’ of your choice.

Immerse yourself in this scrumptious journey with fresh Mezzeh - selection of small dishes as appetizers and other selections of Middle Eastern dishes as you end the gastronomic journey on the Sunday night.

Be sure to head for Sailendra and savor the 7 Nights in Saiendra to take on a gastronomic journey around the world. For more information and reservation call (021) 5798 8888.